A spur of the moment painting...

I happened across this photo posted by my friend and author Sally Lloyd Jones last night…


I liked the only window and decided on the spur of the moment to draw it, so below is the Procreate illustration I came up with. I pretty much never try to copy a photo so this was quite a nice challenge for me.


Must Be Talking To An Angel

I’ve been working on a private commission for a client in Japan so I haven’t had much time for drawing today. Here’s a quick Procreate sketch based on the Eurythmics song “There Must Be An Angel” which for some reason was stuck in my head. Sometimes its good to start a drawing with no real idea of where it’s going or what it’s about.

Must Be Talking To An Angel

The Boy Who Lived

Here’s my latest evening Procreate sketch, inspired by my brothers podcast recommendation, Potterless  - Harry Potter, the boy who lived!



.The Boy Who Lived


After drawing this I thought I’d try out Stefan Kunz’s amazing letter grids which I’d been meaning to do for months. I definitely need to work on my lettering but the grid worked really well. I really recommend them. 




2019 Year of the Blog...?

Hello potential reader. I’ve decided to start a blog, seems like as good a time as any. I’d like to have a place to put work and things that isn’t on someone else’s platform. So here we go.  


First up here’s a couple of recent iPad drawings made in Procreate


Prancing Ponies

Prancing Ponies

And another one... 


The Archer

The Archer

It’s the last day of the Christmas holidays today so we went for a walk on The Rumps to try and stave off the dread of the approaching school morning.... 



Photos taken with my Leica Q, processed in Lightroom on the iPad Pro