March Meet The Maker - Day 11

Day 10 of #marchmeetthemaker is “Reducing Waste”.

I’ve recently been trying to reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic in my products whilst also not increasing the price of anything. I currently use plastic free, cardboard packaging to post all my products, having phased out Jiffy bags last year. I occasionally need to use bubble wrap for my mugs but when I do I reuse the wrap that my picture frames are delivered in.

I’m just starting to transition to potato starch biodegradable bags for my cards and prints from Eco Craft Ltd. Because I buy my packaging in quite large quantities (to keep the price down) I still have to use up some of my cellophane stock. But as I run out I will be replacing all of it with potato starch. This means it can be composted at home and will break down in about 12 weeks. I’ll also be switching to plastic free packaging tape once I’ve used up my current stock 👍