March Meet The Maker - Day 7

Day 7 is “Less glam side”.


I’m not sure what the glam side is to be honest. But backing your work up, whilst essential, definitely isn’t glamorous. Having worked digitally for so long, backup is something I take pretty seriously.

So far I’ve never lost anything. I store pretty much everything in a 2 Tb Dropbox account and as I have more than one Mac at home this means I have an almost instant local backup. It also makes it easy to access all my work from whichever device I’m using.

I also use Time Machine on all my Macs. To archive my older work and store my 250,000+ photos I use the 12 Tb of drives pictured, in pairs. I use Super Duper to clone one to the other on a schedule so that I always have two copies of them. In addition I use Backblaze as an offsite backup of all my Macs and iCloud Photos, Google Photos and Flickr as online photo storage. It’s not glam, but it’s pretty bulletproof 👍