March Meet The Maker - Day 9

Day 9 of #marchmeetthemaker is “Story Behind the Name”.

My name is Jago (pronounced Jay-Go) it’s the Cornish form of James and it’s slightly more Cornish than I am. Growing up I could never get any of that personalised rubbish in shops (probably not a bad thing) ...

I once had a letter from a small Jago who thought he was the only one in the world. I sent him one of my books. I also once tried to register but couldn’t afford the £30 fee. It now costs thousands 🤷🏼‍♂️. I managed to get @Jago on Twitter but in the early days of Instagram you could only sign up for an account with an iPhone and I had an iPod Touch. By the time they allowed signups on other devices it had already gone

Jago Illustration ended up being the name of my shop because it was the name of my website, so there you go 👍