Venice - May 2019

We recently had a wonderful family trip to Venice. Alex and I visited for our honeymoon, 15 years ago and have been back once since then. We thought it was time for our children to experience it too. I’ve always loved taking photographs and have used quite a wide array of cameras over the years. For the last few years though, I’ve been using a Leica Q alongside my iPhone XS, which I absolutely love. For me the Q has become the perfect camera, doing exactly what I need without giving me loads of other options to think about. Venice was a great place to take a lot of photos, so here’s a selection, these were all taken on either the iPhone XS or Leica Q and were edited in Lightroom on my phone.

March Meet The Maker - Day 4

Day 4 is Tools & Materials  


I have always worked digitally, first on a home-built PC and later on a variety of Macs using a range of Wacom tablets. I have also owned each version of the iPad since it was released in 2010. I remember watching the keynote presentation where it was announced and thinking “wow... that would be my ideal computer”. Despite trying most of the third party styluses there are, it didn’t quite live up to it until the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil arrived but since then it has become more and more the central tool that I use. Last year was the turning point for me and since then my Wacom Cintiq has remained entirely unused. 





My my current setup is the November 2018 12.9” iPad Pro with the new Apple Pencil. I use it with a Paperlike screen cover which gives the screen a very subtle texture and also makes it far less reflective. I keep it in a felt and leather sleeve from Band & Roll which has a handy pocket for the Pencil and a few other essentials. 



I also use use a handy little lightweight aluminium stand when I’m drawing on the iPad. I have a much sturdier one on the desk in my studio but as I use the iPad more frequently elsewhere, this has become my go to stand. 


Procreate is my most important digital tool, despite having used Photoshop for more than 20 years I’ve quickly come to love this focussed and elegant app. All my work is now produced exclusively with it. I only return to the Mac and Photoshop when I need to put together more layout-type documents like my calendars and cards.  


Lastly, whilst not necessarily used in the creation of my illustrations (although I do use it to capture textures sometimes), my camera is another essential tool. Without photos of my prints and products I wouldn’t have any way of promoting my work and with this camera I’ve taken my best photos so far. It’s a Leica Q and after my iPad it’s my favourite piece of technology by far.  

2019 Year of the Blog...?

Hello potential reader. I’ve decided to start a blog, seems like as good a time as any. I’d like to have a place to put work and things that isn’t on someone else’s platform. So here we go.  


First up here’s a couple of recent iPad drawings made in Procreate


Prancing Ponies

Prancing Ponies

And another one... 


The Archer

The Archer

It’s the last day of the Christmas holidays today so we went for a walk on The Rumps to try and stave off the dread of the approaching school morning.... 



Photos taken with my Leica Q, processed in Lightroom on the iPad Pro