March Meet The Maker - Day 8

Day 8 of #marchmeetthemaker is “Product Range”.

My product range has expanded over the years and continues to do so. I started off just selling prints of the illustrations from my books. Then I added prints of illustrations I’d done just for myself.


Then my wife and I decided to get serious about the online shop. We invested in our own printer and were able to drop the price of our prints considerably. We began to get a lot more orders. I designed a whole range of notebooks which we offered in two sizes and we started selling greetings cards. Then we added pocket mirrors, badges and magnets to our range. These were all super popular and so we continued to add more products.


Tea towels came next and then laser etched enamel mugs. The following year we added cushions and our Campfire Kits. Last year we introduced water bottles and sold them all. Calendars have also been one of our most popular products for several years running now. We are just about to trial a couple of new products (as soon as I finish the illustrations...). It’s always a bit risky introducing a new one, you never really know if it will be successful or not. Sometimes things are an immediate hit and then peter out, other times they gradually build up to success. It’s always tricky to balance the risk of trying a new product with not wanting to waste money - so fingers crossed for the next one 😬🤞