100 Trees - Tree 001

Because I’m super busy with wholesale orders for shops and illustration work for publishers AND I’m in the process of moving home, it seemed like a great time to start a drawing challenge.

I’ve decided to try and draw 100 Trees… I’ve always liked trees, a good portion of my childhood was spent climbing around in them and I also have fond memories of drawing them in the sub-tropical gardens whilst at Falmouth University.

Here’s Tree 001 - drawn in Procreate (where else?)

You can buy a print of it here.


With His Wounds We Are Healed - Album Cover Commission


Earlier in the year I the opportunity to work on an interesting little project for Adam Wright of Corner Room Music.

Adam got in touch and asked me to illustrate the cover for his new album which is a 5-movement suite of I Isaiah 53 word for word from the ESV Bible.

I’ve illustrated a couple of other album covers before but this is always an exciting thing for me to work on. It’s so different from children’s book work that it makes quite a refreshing change. I also got to try out some hand lettering which I don’t often get the chance to do.

With_His_Wounds_We_Are_Healed 2.jpg

Adam had some clear ideas about what he wanted which made him super-easy to work for. We quickly came up with a concept and then worked through a few revisions until Adam was happy with it.


Here is the finished artwork, here is a link to where you can buy the album and below is teaser video for the album.

March Meet The Maker - Day 4

Day 4 is Tools & Materials  


I have always worked digitally, first on a home-built PC and later on a variety of Macs using a range of Wacom tablets. I have also owned each version of the iPad since it was released in 2010. I remember watching the keynote presentation where it was announced and thinking “wow... that would be my ideal computer”. Despite trying most of the third party styluses there are, it didn’t quite live up to it until the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil arrived but since then it has become more and more the central tool that I use. Last year was the turning point for me and since then my Wacom Cintiq has remained entirely unused. 





My my current setup is the November 2018 12.9” iPad Pro with the new Apple Pencil. I use it with a Paperlike screen cover which gives the screen a very subtle texture and also makes it far less reflective. I keep it in a felt and leather sleeve from Band & Roll which has a handy pocket for the Pencil and a few other essentials. 



I also use use a handy little lightweight aluminium stand when I’m drawing on the iPad. I have a much sturdier one on the desk in my studio but as I use the iPad more frequently elsewhere, this has become my go to stand. 


Procreate is my most important digital tool, despite having used Photoshop for more than 20 years I’ve quickly come to love this focussed and elegant app. All my work is now produced exclusively with it. I only return to the Mac and Photoshop when I need to put together more layout-type documents like my calendars and cards.  


Lastly, whilst not necessarily used in the creation of my illustrations (although I do use it to capture textures sometimes), my camera is another essential tool. Without photos of my prints and products I wouldn’t have any way of promoting my work and with this camera I’ve taken my best photos so far. It’s a Leica Q and after my iPad it’s my favourite piece of technology by far.  

20 Winter Birds Daily Drawing Challenge is Complete!

You can buy prints of any of the birds on my shop…


I may also make a calendar out of these later in the year.

A private commission for a family in Japan

I recently undertook a private commission for a lovely family in Japan. I don’t often have time to do these but this was a social 10th Anniversary present and I was happy to fit it into my schedule. 

Masayoshi contacted me and asked if I would illustrate his family having a picnic with Jesus, in a similar style and feel to my illustrations for The Jesus Storybook Bible. After showing me which page he liked, I started with an initial sketch, using Masayoshi’s photos for reference of his family. 


After some discussion I then proceeded to colour the illustration and after a few alterations and tweaks we came up with the finished illustration below.  

I then printed the image on A3 Somerset Enhanced Textured Radiant White 225gsm paper and sent it to Masayoshi in Japan.  

I then printed the image on A3 Somerset Enhanced Textured Radiant White 225gsm paper and sent it to Masayoshi in Japan.  


Yesterday I received a lovely photo from the family showing the print framed in their house, Masayoshi has given me permission to share it here. He and his family are very happy with it.



If you would like to commission me you can find some prices on my shop at the link below and you can email me at jago@jagoillustration.com

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